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Chapter 3 - The Creature in the Attic

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I'm 8 years old. Maybe 9. I don't know.

It's night time, and I'm sitting on a step in the middle of the stairway that leads to the bedrooms upstairs. The carpet is rainbow-colored shag, and it's worn at the edges of the steps and smashed down in the middle. I'm listening to the television from the front room. I don't want to go to bed.

I'm scared.

I was in bed. I asked to stay up, but grandma is babysitting, and grandma follows the rules. "Don't worry," my sisters say. "If an axe murderer breaks in, he'll have to kill all of us down here before he could get to you." I don't know why that's a calming thought.

"Oaf!" says grandma. She's Danish.

I go upstairs, and I'm in bed, and I'm fine, when I feel a sort of rumbling. It's my bed. Like when a train rolls through town and the whole house shakes. But I listen and there are no whistles from the train or bells fr…

Chapter 2 - Prologue

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May, 1977
The first time I see her, it's for only a second, in the distance, and I'm not sure exactly what I've seen.

I'm delivering newspapers, walking by myself past an explosion of bright poppies by the small empty lot across from our house, and the sight of her stops me in mid-conversation.

For a moment it's like I'm seeing her from every angle at once without really seeing her at all. She's not facing me. But then she is. I turn to see if she's behind me too, because it seems like she should be, but she's not. When I turn back, she's gone.

I blink a few times, focusing on the place where she probably wasn't. Sweat stings my eyes and my vision doubles. It happened so fast I'm not sure it happened at all.


Once I'm fairly certain it probably wasn't whatever it seemed to be, I reach for a paper from the large cloth bag dangling by my knees and walk it over to the porch of a small, yellow house, k…