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Chapter 5 - The Thing

(Click here for Chapter 1) September, 1977 It's been a month since I created The Thing , and it doesn't seem inclined to go away. At least not yet. I come home after school and  The Thing  is still there. I check after dinner and it greets me with a wink. The next day it's there. And the next. And the next. I look through  The Thing , and Grandma Kroll's house changes on a whim. Sometimes white, sometimes blue. Once it was greenish. But when I look over, under, or around  The Thing , it remains resolutely white. I've taken to calling the thing, " The Thing ." I look through The Thing from different angles. At the bushes. At the garage. At the shed. Sometimes the bushes are blooming, sometimes they're bare, sometimes covered with fruit, sometimes just leafy. One time the garage was gone. Once a different garage was there and the shed was gone. I never see people, though. Or anything alive other than plants. So far, I've been unable t

Chapter 4 - Sex, Drugs, and Garfunkle

(Click here for Chapter 1) December, 1986 The elevator doors open, and I push my cart out into the hallway. Room 425.  I take a right. The room service trays, with their stainless steel covers, clatter as I walk. The hall seems to stretch itself in front of me as I move over the brightly-colored carpet. I can feel my heart beating. In my temples. In my chest. In my wrists. This is not going to go well. My Walkman is clipped to my belt. Don Henley blasts in my ears. Johnny Can't Read. Long Way Home. Dirty Laundry. One of my favorite parts of the job is when I get to vacuum a meeting room. The vacuum drowns out my voice as I sing along. At least I hope it drowns out my voice. I take a drink of my coffee as I continue down the hall. I have no idea if this is good coffee or bad coffee. I hate coffee. So it doesn't really matter. But the coffee is free. And I work pretty late. I see room 425 just ahead, and I stop the cart to slow my heartbeat. I almost turn it around.