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Chapter 8 - "D"

(Click here for Chapter 1) October, 1977 I don't take the money. Though I consider it. One dollar is 3 comic books. Instead, I stare at it mutely until a breeze lifts it away and drops it into a thicket of bushes just as the final school bell rings down the hill. Dill watches it go, looks one more time into my eyes as if searching for a response to his offer, then turns on his heels and runs toward the bell and through the school door. Part of me expects him to disappear into a flash of yellow light. I envision a cryptic message written on the back of a dollar bill from the future. But Dill remains solid as he pushes through the door, into the school, and off toward the elementary classrooms on the right, and when I manage to retrieve the dollar bill from the bushes, it's just a dollar bill. 1971. And then there's the birds. They seem no louder or quieter than usual. I shove the dollar bill into my pocket and follow Dill through the door, turning left instead o